About Us

Welcome to Dottie’s Diner Aprons!  

Since 2009, Dottie’s Diner, headed by Dana “Dottie” Paulson, has been specializing in the cutest-ever, high quality, retro 50's-inspired aprons for YOU! Our original designs are made with loving care in the USA, and our first goal is to make you happy, because we want you to come back. we do. we really do.

The Aprons

Dotties Diner aprons are amazingly cute and flirty. The one, two, or three layered full circle skirts kind of swoosh and twirl when you move. Every bit of our aprons are expertly sewn and handled, stored hanging, and packed and shipped with care. If you are ever dissatisfied, do not worry, we will take care of you. You will never have to fight for your happiness here. We want you to be happy. 

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The apron details are where the love is. We make the neck ties extra long so that you can tie a huge bow at your neck and look like the princess you are. We do the same with the waist ties. They are so long you can actually wrap them around to the front and tie them, or whatever cute thing you can think of. Our aprons adapt well to wearing as a costume, with a petti-skirt underneath. Our layers are actual layers, as opposed to one layer made to look like 3 layers. Our aprons skirts are actual full circles, as opposed to a triangle shape. The neck and waist ties are a full 3" wide, and feel good in your hand. All of this takes a ton of fabric and hours to make, and we gladly do all of this just for you!

Dottie's Diner

The Diner is run by Dottie, and she has lots of help from her two besties in the way of love and support, photo-shoot help, and organization help. Almost all of the aprons and other designs are hand sewn by Dottie herself.

The really hard thinking is done by other people.

Laurie, Linda, and Dottie xoxo

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dottie photoDottie is just a Colorado cowgirl type who loves to create fresh new retro inspired goodies. There are not enough hours or days to make and stock the wonderful things that she wants to do for the apron shop. Eventually we will be hiring some help to make that happen. Until then we just do what we can, have gratitude for you, enjoy the ups and downs of internet life, and wish for you a glamorous and beautiful Dottie Diner Day!


Size Chart

Apron Fitting Guide for Dottie's Diner Aprons

The aprons are made to fit most average sizes; they are tied on around the waist and around the neck with extra long ties that allow you to tie a cute bow.

apron drawingapron drawingapron drawing

Waistband: The waistband is a full 26 inches; that is longer than most aprons anywhere on the planet. So, if your waist is 26 inches the apron skirt will meet at the back, if not then your apron will have more of a gap in the back. This size will look good on most waist sizes, up to about 39 or 40 inches. 

The waist ties: The length of the waist ties are about 40 inches long, each! Meaning, hello... extra long so that you can make a huge cute bow in back, or wrap them to the front and make the bow in front.

Bib Size: The bib will look good on any size. I know this because I have tried adjusting the bib size up or down for big-busted women and for smaller women, and it really does not help to make the bib any other size than what it is. It will look good on you. It will.

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Neck Ties: The neck ties are a full 30 inches long each! I have added length to the neck ties over the years because you asked for it, and I give you what you ask for so there you have it. You can totally make a huge bow at your neck and rock that cute bow like the princess you are.

The skirts: The longest skirt length is around 14 to 15 inches long. It varies because sometimes I feel the apron needs a longer skirt and sometimes I don't. The skirts are cut from a full circle, meaning you will have a flirty swirl of an apron skirt that swooshes when you walk and twirls when you do.