Rainbow Fairy Princess Ballerina Apron

Are you a rainbow fairy princess ballerina? Yeah, we thought so.

So, here's your outfit. We made it just for you because we get it. You love rainbows, you want to wear all the colors, they have to be in rainbow order; red orange yellow green blue purple. OK we might have mixed them up a little, sorry, but since you're also a princess you have other powers that trump the perfect-order-rainbow thing.

Don't let whimsical cuteness fool you tho' - this is a quality piece of twirly fluffy fabric goodness, topped with OCD stitching and perfect alignment of colored twirly skirts. That was hard to say, but you get it right?

And on top of all of that, you are also a ballerina, you are so talented!

OK, carry on, just wanted to let yo know how awesome you are....xoxo

PHOTO: Rainbowholic

ART: Little Miss Paintbrush@chichilittle, Chichi Romero

The artwork by Little Miss Paintbrush is so darling. 


Size Guide

Type: Aprons

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Size Chart

Apron Fitting Guide for Dottie's Diner Aprons

The aprons are made to fit most average sizes; they are tied on around the waist and around the neck with extra long ties that allow you to tie a cute bow.

apron drawingapron drawingapron drawing

Waistband: The waistband is a full 26 inches; that is longer than most aprons anywhere on the planet. So, if your waist is 26 inches the apron skirt will meet at the back, if not then your apron will have more of a gap in the back. This size will look good on most waist sizes, up to about 39 or 40 inches. 

The waist ties: The length of the waist ties are about 40 inches long, each! Meaning, hello... extra long so that you can make a huge cute bow in back, or wrap them to the front and make the bow in front.

Bib Size: The bib will look good on any size. I know this because I have tried adjusting the bib size up or down for big-busted women and for smaller women, and it really does not help to make the bib any other size than what it is. It will look good on you. It will.

customer photo

Neck Ties: The neck ties are a full 30 inches long each! I have added length to the neck ties over the years because you asked for it, and I give you what you ask for so there you have it. You can totally make a huge bow at your neck and rock that cute bow like the princess you are.

The skirts: The longest skirt length is around 14 to 15 inches long. It varies because sometimes I feel the apron needs a longer skirt and sometimes I don't. The skirts are cut from a full circle, meaning you will have a flirty swirl of an apron skirt that swooshes when you walk and twirls when you do.